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  • Yakitori is one of Japans most popular street foods! the term Yakitori translates to grilled chicken but it can be used to informally refer to other foodstuffs grilled on a skewer.


    This Street food stall is ran by a Chicken, in one hand he has an uchiwa fan and in the other a brush for applying Tare sauce to his grilled chicken!

    On his worktop he has a Konro grill, a grill specifically used for Yakitori!


    His two green banners read Yakitori and there are three items advertised on his orange menu, the first option is Tsukune, a chicken meatball skewer for 150 yen.

    The second is Negima, chicken thighs with scallions for 120 yen.

    The final menu item is Kawa or chicken skin for 120 yen.


    This Brooch measures 8cm by 7.5cm and is also available as a necklace.


    This Brooch features handcast swirled and glitter acrylics, handpainted birch wood and walnut wood details.

    Yakitori Stand Brooch

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