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  • Wagashi is a Japanese confectionery traditionally served with green tea, a key theme with wagashi is that they often reflect the current season be it by taste or appearance.


    This necklace contains a variety of seasonal motifs and reflects some of the wagashi you might expect to see throughout the year!


    The first item on the left is a hanabiramochi traditionally eaten at new years or at the first tea ceremony of the year, I used this piece to represent January.

    Next to that we a have a plum blossom nerikiri and a bush warbler nerikiri, the bush warbler symbolises the coming of spring.


    the two doll nerikiri are wearing yokan kimonos and represent Hina-matsuri, girls day/dolls day which is celebrated on March 3rd.

    We also have some cherry blossom themed sweets like the Domyoji Sakura mochi that are found in april during the blossom season!


    The piece at the tip of the necklace is a Minazuki, which is typically eaten in June at the mid point of the year to wish for luck in the remainder of the year and cleanse oneself of the sins accumulated during the first half.


    The small white Rabbit Manju represents September and the moon viewing (Tsukimi)


    On the far right is a Yuzu Mochi representing December and the winter solstice, a day where It's traditional to take a bath with Yuzu!


    This Necklace measures 16cm by 8.5cm

    This Necklace features a variety of handcast glittered acrylics

    Wagashi Charms Necklace

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