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  • In Japan the dark spots on the moon are said to depict a rabbit with a wooden mallet pounding Mochi in a Mortar! 

    This Rabbit is known as Tsuki no Usagi.

    The story of the rabbit goes that the Old man of the moon visited earth one day dressed as a beggar, he asked a Fox, Monkey and a Rabbit for some food.

    The Monkey climbed a tree and brought the man some fruit and the Fox caught a fish for the man in a nearby river. 

    The Rabbit However couldn't find anything so he asked the monkey and the fox to build a fire for him, once it was ablaze he tried to throw himself in the fire so the old man could eat him.

    The old man quickly seized the Rabbit before he could harm himself and revealed himself as the man in the moon, for the kind sacrifice the Rabbit had tried to make for him he took the Rabbit back with him to the moon where he has remained since.


    This Brooch features a variety of handcast swirled and glitter acrylics as well as wooden details.

    Brooch measures 7cm by 6.5cm


    Tsuki no Usagi (Moon Rabbit) Brooch

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