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  • Takoyaki or Octopus balls/Dumplings are one of Japans most famous street foods!


    This piece features an Octopus manning a Takoyaki stand, In his tentacles he's holding a bottle of Takoyaki sauce, a brush for applying the sauce to his dumplings, a batter pourer and two picks for turning the takoyaki on his grill!


    The sign above this Octopuses store and his lantern both read Takoyaki, his small light blue sign reads 8 pieces 500 yen.


    This Brooch measures 8.5cm by 7.5cm and is also available as a necklace.


    This Brooch features handcast swirled and glitter acrylics, handpainted birch wood and walnut details.

    Takoyaki Stand Brooch/Necklace

    Out of Stock
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