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Takoyaki or Octopus balls/dumplings are one of Japan's most famous street foods!
This tasty snack originates from Osaka, the dumplings themselves are made from a dashi stock batter and are traditionally filled with green onions, bonito flakes, tempura scraps, pickled ginger and of course, diced Octopus! 

Takoyaki are made in a special pan full of half spheres, once cooked they're brushed with takoyaki sauce, drizzled with mayo, topped with bonito flakes and then sprinkled with aori (I've used glitter to replicate the aori flakes on this brooch!) 

This Brooch features a serving of 8 dumplings served in a bamboo boat.


This Brooch measures 7.5cm by 3cm

This Brooch features handcast swirled acrylics and birch wood.

Takoyaki Brooch

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