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  • The origin of the taco is debated topic, some speculate that tacos predate the arrival of the spanish in Mexico while others have suggested that it was invented as late as the 18th century! Tacos are one of the most popular antojitos (Street foods) in Mexico!

    This brooch features a corn tortilla filled with either meat or shredded Jackfruit topped with a chunky Pico de gallo made of onion, tomatoes and coriander 🥰 Tacos are traditionally served with a lime wedge so that they can be seasoned to your taste so I had to include one!


    This Brooch is made from a variety of handcast marbled and glittered acrylics.

    Brooch measures 6cm by 4.5cm

    This Item is a pre-order and will take 6-8 weeks to dispatch.

    Taco Brooch Pre-order

    Out of Stock
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