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The version of Red Riding Hood that introduced her titular hood was Le Petit Chaperon Rouge written by Charles Perrault in 1697.
In this version of the story the Wolf is successful in his schemes and eats both Red Riding Hood and her Grandmother.

Similar stories include the 16th century Taiwanese story called "Grand Aunt Tigress"
Red Riding Hood also bears similarities with the story "The Wolf and the kids" which originates from the 1st century and was told throughout Europe and the Middle East.
There is also the Italian tale "La Finta Nonna" meaning the false grandmother, this story features an Ogress instead of a wolf!
A poem written in Belgium in the 11th century tells the tale of a girl in a red baptism tunic who is eaten whole by a wolf.

There are numerous versions of the story and it continues to be rewritten and retold to this day!


Red Riding Hood Brooch measures 5.8cm by 3.7cm

Big Bad Wolf Brooch measures 7.5cm by 5.5cm

These Brooches features a variety of handcast swirled/glitter acrylics.

Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf Brooch set

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