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  • Some Numbats make their nests inside hollow logs and branches much like this pair.

    This pair of Numbats is particularly house proud, the elder of the two can be seen sweeping the yard while the younger relaxes atop the tiled roof.

    When designing this piece I researched the habitat and distribution of Numbats and selected a flower that would be found within their range, the Scented Banjine.


    This brooch is available in two colourways, one features a golden brown floor whereas the other features a marbled green floor!


    Brooch measures 7.5cm by 6.3cm

    This Brooch features a variety of handcast swirled and glitter acrylics as well as Walnut, Birch and Cherry wood details.


    This item is a pre-order and will take between 4-8 weeks to dispatch.

    Numbat Hollow Brooch

    Ground Colour
    Out of Stock
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