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  • The lion dance is traditionally performed during the new year and other celebrations and is believed to bring good luck and fortune! 🦁There are various origin stories for the Lion dance, my favourite features the Nian, a monster who's name sounds similar to new year in Chinese.The Nian would appear during the lunar New year and wreak havoc upon people, but one year a Lion appeared and fended the Nian off! 😄The following year there were was no Lion to be found so the villagers quickly assembled a Lion costume and performed an impromptu Lion dance to scare the Nian away! 🦁This dance is now customary at New year's! 😄 This item is a pre-order and may take a little longer to despatch! This brooch features a variety of handcast swirled acrylics and is available in 4 colourways.Brooch measures 7cm by 5.5cm

    Lion Dance Brooch

    Out of Stock
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