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Humpty Dumpty is such a well known nursery rhyme, although the verse was originally intended to be a riddle! The answer being that the thing all of the king's horses and men couldn't reassemble was an egg!

the earliest version of the rhyme as we know it was first recorded in print In 1803!

Like most nursery rhymes the true origin of Humpty Dumpty is disputed, theories include that the character is modelled on King Richard III who was depicted as having a hunchback in the Shakespeare play bearing his name.

Another is that Humpty Dumpty refers to a cannon that fell from a wall and was destroyed during the fall of Colchester, in 1648 during the English civil war.

The term Humpty Dumpty was also used to refer to a boiled ale and brandy drink at the end of the 17th century, the term was also used to describe a clumsy person of short stature, or someone who was a little to inebriated 

All of these theories are just speculation and most suspect that the original riddle, the answer to which was an egg gradually morphed into the story of an egg shaped man falling from a wall.


Brooch measures 6.5cm by 6cm

This Brooch features a variety of handcast swirled/glitter acrylics.

Humpty Dumpty Brooch

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