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A Hongbao is a red envelope containing money usually gifted during the new year celebrations or at important life milestones such as weddings and graduations. 😊
The colour red signifies good fortune and is believed to have the property of warding away evil! ♥️
The origin of the Hongbao comes from the legend of the Sui, a demon that would sneak into children's rooms on the night of new years eve and pat their heads three times.
The child would consequently become inconsolable and develop a fever, once this had passed it's said the child would become a fool.

Initially families would stay awake late on new year's eve to avoid a visit from Sui,
One family gave their child 8 coins to play with on new year's eve to help him stay awake, he stayed up wrapping and unwrapping his coins in red paper til he eventually fell asleep with the wrapped coins beside his pillow...
When the Sui finally came for the child a burst of light shined from the wrapped coins terrifying the demon and causing him to flee!
This began the tradition of gifting coins wrapped in red paper on new year's eve which eventually evolved into the more modern red envelopes we see today!

The character featured on this envelope is 'fu' which means fortune or good luck! 🥰


This Brooch features handcast swirled acrylics.

Brooch measures 10cm by 5cm.

Hongbao Brooch

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