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The story of the Gingerbread is relatively new compared to some of the other fairytales and nursery rhymes featured in this release!

The story first appeared in print in St. Nicholas Magazine (A monthly children's magazine) in May 1875.

In the tale a Gingerbread Man is able to outrun numerous pursuers whom all seek to eat him, it's not until a fox offers to help him cross a river bank that the Gingerbread Man meets his fate!

There are various stories about runaway food from different parts of the world such as the Koloblok, an East Slavic fairy tale about a ball of dough that avoids being eaten like the gingerbread man.


Brooch measures 7cm by 6cm

This Brooch features a variety of handcast swirled/glitter acrylics.

Gingerbread Man Brooch

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