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This Brooch set is a celebration of the humble Christmas Cracker, a beloved tradition honoured over the Christmas dinner table.


This brooch set features some of my favourite prizes contained within these festive cylinders, The jumping frog, fortune-telling fish, clip on moustache, miniature water pistol, fabric tape measure and the often awful cracker joke!


The sizes for the Brooches in this set measure as follows:

Left Cracker Segment - 4.7cm by 1.8cm

Right Cracker Segment - 4.7cm by 1.8cm

Fortune Teller Fish - 3.5cm by 2cm

Cracker Joke - 2.7cm by 1.5cm

Jumping Frog - 2.8cm by 2.4cm

Fabric Tape Measure - 2.8cm by 1cm

Water Pistol - 2.5cm by 2cm

Moustache - 3.3cm by 1.5cm


These Brooches are made from a variety of handcast swirled and glitter acrylics.

Christmas Cracker Brooch Set

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