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  • This Brooch is inspired by the fact that Bilbies are very adept at digging and creating burrows, and they aren't the only ones that benefit from them! A whole host of other animals visit and use Bilby burrows for a range of reasons, be it as a reprieve from the heat or to scavenge for leaves and insects in their loose soil.

    This made me think about the hospitality of the Bilby and how accommodating they are to allow other creatures into their homes!

    This piece depicts a Bilby Burrow that has been converted into a Bistro, seated outside is a cute Echidna who is being waited on by her ever gracious host Mr. Bilby 


    Brooch measures 8.2cm by 6cm

    This Brooch features a variety of handcast swirled and glitter acrylics as well as Cherry Wood details.


    This item is a pre-order and will take between 4-8 weeks to dispatch.

    Bilby Burrow Bistro Brooch

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